Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Revealed That They Have Renewed Their Vows and Shared Sweet Shots


Actor Bruce Willis has been a movie star for decades, and there are countless cult projects in his long track record. Perhaps that’s why the public reacted so emotionally when it turned out that Bruce Willis was retiring due to a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. Both fans and relatives of Willis rallied around the 68-year-old actor, including his ex Demi Moore. And his wife Emma Heming Willis said that they renewed their vows, even sharing pleasant shots of the ceremony with the public.

Bruce and Emma Heming Willis got married back in 2009, and they had two daughters. She used her personal Instagram account to post news about his health, and also defended her husband’s interests. Her last post on the social network showed that the couple renewed their vows and even offered the public a video of this special moment. Check it out below:

 I’m not crying, you’re crying. Because although Bruce Willis and his family are obviously going through difficult times right now, this ceremony is another example of how they are trying to surround the “Die Hard” actor with love. This includes marrying his wife again in front of the rest of the family. How touching is that?

The above video was sent to Emma Heming Willis’ Instagram followers, and it’s bound to go viral considering how cute it is. As her signature explains, she, her husband and family have returned to the same place where they got married more than a decade ago. The ceremony itself was truly a family affair: Demi Moore shot the video, and Scout Willis and Rumer Willis from Masked Singer composed the music. And all these clips are set to Coldplay’s emotional ballad “Fix You”.

As mentioned earlier, Bruce Willis’ family shares a lot of heartfelt news about how they care about their patriarch. This includes a cute video in which they sing happy birthday to him, which has also conquered the internet. Moreover, there have been reports that Demi Moore may even move into the house to help with care.

Considering how many favorite projects Bruce Willis has participated in over the years, there are generations of fans who are investing in his story. And probably for this reason, many of us are hanging on every update from Emma Heming Willis. Although she also used this platform to plead with paparazzi and fans to stay away and not mention his name when the family tries to move him from place to place.

Bruce Willis has another project called “Killer”. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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