Bruce Willis Transforms His Character In Die Hard


The Difficult Death series, which has not got a new movie since 2013, is returning again, albeit with an advertisement, according to the surprise trailer shared today. In the trailer shared by Bruce Willis’ daughter, Bruce appears as John McClane again.

The Difficult Death series, whose first movie was released in 1988 and was on our screens with a total of 5 different films until 2013, has not had a new movie since 2013. But today, Bruce Willis’ eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, made an exciting post on Twitter.

Rumer Willis shared a short video showing that his father Bruce Willis will return as John McClane. The video, which was only 15 seconds long, showed Bruce Willis walking down the street during the New Year’s Eve and suddenly turned to those behind him and took off his jacket.

New Die Hard returns with the ad:

In this exciting video shared by Rumer Willis, the phrase “A story ends, a new one begins.” In addition, the trailer showed the tag ‘#DieHardIsBack (Die Hard)’, stating that Die Hard will return. The date of October 18, 2020 was shown in the trailer. However, the ‘#ad’ tag in the post showed that it would be just an ad.

The 6th movie in the Die Hard series was once being developed by 20th Century Fox. However, one of the projects negatively affected when Fox and Disney merged was Die Hard 6. But that didn’t mean the series was over. Since then, it has been said that Disney wanted to make a new movie series called ‘McClane’.

In 2018, producer Lorenzo diBonaventura told Empire that they wanted us to be more connected to the John McClane character than ever before. With this explanation, Lorenzo stated that the 6th movie, which would normally be the end of the series for Bruce Willis, could actually be a new beginning.


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