Bruce Willis’ Team responds to Hollywood producer’s accusations that he continues to work despite a diagnosis of aphasia


After Bruce Willis retired with a postaphasic diagnosis, stories of support and good wishes appeared on the Internet. Friends, fans and family have sent all the best to the man who has entertained so many people, and he still has several upcoming films to be released in the same spirit. However, concerns have also taken shape as recent allegations allege that Hollywood producer Randall Emmett may have known about Willis’ condition and forced him to work harder anyway. In light of these comments, Bruce Willis’ lawyer Martin Singer responded to these allegations by refuting them completely.

During a recent review of Emmett published by The Los Angeles Times, Singer refuted claims that Emmett, who also directed Bruce Willis in the movie Midnight in Millet, behaved in a similar way. These accusations were accompanied by statements from other members of the set, in particular, the recognition that the aphasia of the “Die Hard” actor was well known to the entire cast and crew before the Willis family publicly announced it in March last year. Martin Singer ‘s refutation of such claims reads:

My client continued to work after he was medically diagnosed because he wanted to work and was able to do it, like many other people diagnosed with aphasia who are able to continue working. Since Mr. Willis appeared in these films, they could get funding. This has led to literally thousands of people getting jobs, many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Randall Emmett spent some time working with his iconic main thriller, on future Bruce Willis films, including the Fortress trilogy, written and produced by Emmett. This is in addition to many other films they have worked on together, such as “Survive the Game”, “Hard Kill” and “In the Wrong Place”, released this summer. Those who, like Martin Singer, deny any claims that Willis was taken advantage of really have a case, given the breadth of projects he shares with Emmett.

Previously, “Midnight in Millet” was mostly known as the movie in which Machine Gun Kelly introduced Megan Fox, as reports of their chemistry appeared around 2021. However, after the stories told in the recent update, this production has a new aspect to explore. As questions arise about how much Bruce Willis struggled, and to what extent Randall Emmett was aware of these issues, these working relationships are likely to be further explored in the near future.

As wife Emma Heming Willis has spoken about the struggle for herself related to taking care of her husband, we should all hope for the best possible retirement for Bruce Willis. Whether these statements are true or not, the man and his family strive to make his post-career years comfortable and happy. Although if there is a lesson to be learned here, it is that more protection of talents like Willis may be needed when accepting projects, so any potential for using to their advantage is limited to the fullest.

Now Bruce Willis can be seen together with Michael Rooker in the crime thriller “The White Elephant”. The film is available for purchase or rental, as well as for streaming on AMC+ at the time of writing this article. If that’s not enough, then take a look at where you can find the best Bruce Willis movies to watch at the moment.