Bruce Willis revisited Die Hard and the infamous Nakatomi Square 34 years later, both there and video


Bruce Willis has played many memorable film characters over his long career, but perhaps the most recognizable is Jack McClain from Die Hard. Many probably remember the first time they saw a police detective who got into a fight with terrorists in the blockbuster of 1988. As iconic as the character himself is the film’s infamous fictional setting: Nakatomi Square. 34 years later, the skyscraper in Los Angeles is still popular, and Willis himself recently visited it. There are even shots from a sweet journey that will surely give fans all the emotions.

The sweet moment was captured by Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis, who shared the clip on her Instagram account. The post features a black-and-white clip of Bruce standing on top of a building that is actually Fox Plaza and looking at his surroundings. The post also contains fragments of frames from the “Die Hard” itself.

Does anyone else have a warm and fluffy feeling when viewing this post? It’s just nice to see a 67-year-old actor visiting a cinematic attraction. It probably seems to him that only yesterday he was sneaking around the room barefoot, ragged and with a machine gun in his hands. To call it a surreal moment would be an understatement, and I believe the star is enjoying it.

At the moment, the film with which the franchise began is incredibly rooted in the spirit of the time of pop culture. Even today, movie fans often quote him and from time to time show their love on social networks. This enduring popularity is probably the reason that Bruce Willis has found a way to bring back “Die Hard” in 2020. He reunited with former co-stars Devore White (Argyle) and Clarence Guilyard Jr. (Theo) for an ad that was just perfect.

Of course, nostalgic TV promos are not the only thing that makes fans chat about the movie directed by John McTiernan. To this day, many are still arguing whether this is really a Christmas movie. It’s an argument that really captures the movie-loving world, and even the House Democrats opened the door to further debate a few years ago with a Yuletide vote. OG star Reginald VelJohnson has spoken out about it and really thinks it’s a legitimate holiday movie. (And to be honest, I totally agree with him).

While this recent post is likely to generate good feelings (and perhaps even more controversy) among the audience, it’s hard not to think about the time when this moment in Bruce Willis’ life comes. Earlier this year, Willis officially retired from cinema due to the fact that he was diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disease that affects a person’s ability to understand or pronounce speech. Emma Heming Willis admitted that at this time it was difficult for her to take care of her husband. However, she and Bruce seem to have a solid support system, and they seem to make the most of pleasant moments like this trip to Nakatomi Plaza.

Those who would like to return to “Die Hard” can do so by subscribing to Hulu.