Bruce Willis’ Lawyer Responds to Allegations of Elder Abuse


Martin Singer, Bruce Willis’ lawyer, has released a statement in support of producer Randall Emmett following allegations of elder abuse. On March 30, 2022, Willis’ family announced that the iconic “Die Hard” and “Die Hard” actor had been diagnosed with aphasia, a speech disorder that affects a person’s ability to understand speech. They announced that he would retire from acting after a long career that lasted more than 40 years and included such diverse projects as the classic sitcom “Moonlight”, Luc Besson’s space opera “The Fifth Element” and the Oscar-nominated horror film by M. Night Shyamalan. The sixth sense.

Recently, The Los Angeles Times published a profile of Emmett, suggesting that the producer knew about Willis’ condition, but forced him to work despite his limitations. The producer also directed “Midnight in Millet,” one of Willis’ most high-profile recent films, in which he appears as an FBI officer alongside Megan Fox and her now boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. Many members of the film crew said they knew about Willis’ aphasia, prompting some to accuse Emmett of abusing the elderly.

According to CinemaBlend, Willis’ lawyer has denied these allegations against Emmett. He confirmed the fact that the actor “continued to work after he was medically diagnosed because he wanted to work and could do it.” The film crew knew about his diagnosis, but this did not mean that his presence on the set was against his will. He also praised Willis’ decision to keep working as much as possible, saying that his ability to get films like “Midnight in Millet” and “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye” 2022 funded by his presence “has led to literally thousands of people getting jobs.” Read Singer’s full statement below:

My client continued to work after he was medically diagnosed because he wanted to work and was able to do it, like many other people diagnosed with aphasia who are able to continue working. Since Mr. Willis appeared in these films, they could get funding. This has led to literally thousands of people getting jobs, many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no denying that the period before Willis’ retirement was particularly stressful for the actor. In fact, the Razzies created an entire category (for which they later apologized) inspired by the fact that he appeared in no fewer than 8 feature films (mostly straight for VOD) in 2021, including Midnight in the Switchgrass. Despite the fact that the actor has stopped performing, four more projects that he worked on are at the post-production stage and are expected sometime this year or in 2023.

The extraordinary volume of upcoming projects Bruce Willis gave credence to some assumptions that the actor was pushed beyond his capabilities. However, his lawyer’s statement that the actor wanted to continue working is consistent with other similar statements about his recent roles. Although rumors and accusations will probably continue to circulate around this situation for some time, we hope that they will settle down and show that everything is fine and the actor can enjoy his retirement.