Bruce Willis and His Wife Emma Hemming Sent a Sweet Message to The Former Demi Moore on Her Birthday


Very few Hollywood exes are as supportive of each other as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. After Willis was diagnosed with aphasia this year, Moore was one of the first celebrities to react to his retirement, and made it a sweet family statement. Since then, the divorced couple has been exchanging sincere comments. The mixed family love extended to Willis’ current wife, Emma Hemming. Now there was another nice moment involving friendly exes when Willis and Heming sent Moore a lovely message on her birthday.

The former Brat Packer turned 60 this year, and this is definitely a landmark achievement. So, given their relationship with the actress, the Willis celebrated this event by going online and celebrating this event. Heming Willis took a look at her Instagram stories to show herself and the “Die Hard” star with copies of Moore’s 2019 bestseller “Puzzle.” Their demonstration of love and appreciation was accompanied by a corresponding signature, which sweetly honors the graduates of A Few Good Men. Check out Heming’s sweet birthday greetings below:

Bruce Willis' wife Emma celebrates Demi Moore's 60th birthday

The couple certainly found a great way to reciprocate the love Demi Moore showed for her ex-husband earlier this year when she sent Bruce Willis a sweet birthday message. This latest gesture is further evidence that the Moore-Willis clan bond is stronger than ever. It’s especially nice to see how the two ladies interact with each other, as both Moore and Emma Heming sometimes exchange kind remarks over the Internet. On the other hand, it’s nice to see Willis, as the actor — for obvious reasons — rarely appears on social media these days.

Although Willis and Moore have mostly had a friendly relationship, it hasn’t always been easy between them. G.I. Jane Star’s memories of their marriage in her 2019 memoir were less than favorable. She recalled the difficulties the former couple faced during their 13 years as spouses, including their competing Hollywood careers in the 1980s and 1990s. But the friendly exes were able to move away from her story, especially since they were quarantined together during the start of the COVID pandemic.

After he left the cinema, the current wife of the “Pulp Fiction” star from time to time published various moments with him, including skin-covered photo reports. As his chief caretaker, Emma Heming spoke frankly about Willis’ struggle with aphasia. She spoke openly about how she went through the process of grief, and shared her summer of self-discovery after he was diagnosed. Even close friend Sylvester Stallone recently shared the sad news about the former actor’s struggle with a health condition. Despite all this, it’s always nice to see him getting love from people like Demi Moore, and also to watch him return that love on birthdays and other occasions.

Although Bruce Willis has retired, he still has films to be released. One of his latest films, “Knight Detective: Redemption,” will be released in theaters on December 9. You can watch his latest movie, “Paradise City with John Travolta,” by purchasing it with an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Also, watch the best Willis movies and be sure to find Demi Moore movies.


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