Bruce Lee vs. Mike Tyson Art presents a Battle between Two Legends


Movie legend Bruce Lee fights legendary boxer Mike Tyson in a new fan art. Martial arts films became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1970s largely thanks to superstar Lee. Unfortunately, the screen legend died in 1973 at the age of only 32.

Fortunately, before his death, Lee was able to firmly establish his reputation as the king of martial arts films with films such as “Big Boss”, “Fist of Fury” and “The Way of the Dragon”, in the latter of which he fought with American martial artist Chuck Norris. After his departure, the legend of Lee continued to grow through posthumous releases such as Enter the Dragon, Game of Death and Circle of Iron. Today, Lee is still revered so much that when Quentin Tarantino showed a martial artist fighting a draw with Brad Pitt’s stuntman Cliff Booth in “Once upon a Time in Hollywood,” fans around the world protested against the idea itself.

Lee’s fans may not want to accept that their favorite martial arts hero can be defeated by a stuntman from a Tarantino movie. But perhaps they will take into account the idea that he was given a good fight by someone else, known for his ability to ruthlessly destroy his opponents. This proposal is put forward by a new fan art from Seung Eun Kim depicting a street fight between Lee and the legendary boxer Tyson. See art in the space below (via ArtStation):

Tyson, of course, for many years had his own connections with a movie star, his most memorable role came in a cameo role of himself in the comedy “Bachelor Party”. And just as Lee became a TV star thanks to “The Green Hornet,” Tyson also became an unlikely prominent figure on the small screen thanks to his vocals—again like himself—in the animated show “Mike Tyson Riddles.” Of course, long before all this, Tyson was a formidable boxer who in 1986 became the youngest person ever to win the heavyweight title.

Those who are old enough to remember the period of Tyson’s dominance in boxing in the late 80s and early 90s may really not be so repelled by the idea that he will arrange a good fight. Of course, the stylistic contrast between Tyson and Lee is huge: Tyson is a classic boxer, and Lee is a master of kung fu. If, on some other plane of existence, the two of them were really fighting, it would no doubt be an exciting sight. But since this is not possible in real life, fan art such as the dynamic and cool image shown above is the best way to visualize what could happen if Lee vs Tyson ever takes place.