Bruce Campbell Mocks Spider-Man 4 Production On Twitter


Bruce Campbell: Through his social networks, actor and producer Bruce Campbell decided to play a prank on his childhood friend Sam Raimi, showing how the director of the original Spider-Man trilogy did to raise money for a possible fourth film in the franchise.

Intending to implicate scammers who use social media, through fake profiles, to get money from alleged fundraisers, Bruce Campbell, from One Nightmare, decided to impersonate Raimi to get funds and supposedly produce Spider-Man 4, feature that has been highly requested by fans since 2007.

In the meme, the account of “Sam Raimi the Director” asks for $1500 in iTunes gift cards to continue the Spider-Man 4 project and hire “Tony Maguire” for the main cast, after “Kevin Fiegey” cut funding initial.

The image has been getting a good laugh on the internet both for the false reference of Kevin Feige and Tobey Maguire and for the boldness of the scam, so to speak, which satirizes the possibility of a mega Hollywood production being paid for with Apple coupons.

Check out the publication below:

“Man, this Sam—always reaching out to people for money. I’m going for it because I love Tony Maguire,” Campbell wrote.

What did you think of Raimi’s plan? Is it just like that for one day to see a sequel to his trilogy? Leave your opinion in the comments.