Bruce Arians Named the First NFL Player He Would Like to Coach


Former NFL head coach Bruce Arians has worked with some great players throughout his multi-year coaching career.

During a recent appearance on the show Pardon My Take from Barstool Sports, the Super Bowl champion talked about one player he would like to bring into the fight on the NFL field: Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes.

Arians was the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals when Mahomes graduated from Texas Tech College. Ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft, the promising quarterback was the No. 1 candidate on his draft board.

Mahomes moved to the Chiefs with the 10th number of the draft, just three positions ahead of the Cardinals at the 13th number.

“When I was in Arizona, I was sure we’d get Patrick Mahomes,” Arians said. “When this draft was coming, I thought, “He’s ours.”

At this stage of Mahomes’ career, he was showered with all kinds of praise. Nevertheless, Ariane had a lot of nice words about one of the brightest stars of the league.

Arians said he personally traveled to Lubbock to train Mahomes before the 2017 draft.

“In terms of skill, he was off the charts,” he said. “But mentally he was next to Peyton [Manning], Andrew [Luck] and Tom [Brady]. Just very witty.”

Arians, who works as a senior football consultant for the Bucks, handed over head coaching duties to Todd Bowles earlier this offseason.


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