Browsers with the greatest number of vulnerabilities have been announced: you are probably reading this news from a better browser…


Atlas VPN has compiled a list of the most secure and insecure browsers in its database of vulnerabilities reported this year. The results showed that Chrome was the browser with the most vulnerabilities.
Although the Internet is now an integral part of our lives, hackers, of course, can take advantage of this situation and seize our information to gain profit or fame. Although ransomware attacks can put people at great risk, a report was published today that concerns all Internet users.

Atlas VPN, a VPN service provider, compared the browsers with the most vulnerabilities with data provided by the vulnerability database, which has been running since 1997. The results showed that the most popular Chrome browser today may also be the most insecure browser.

Google Chrome was the browser with the most vulnerabilities:

According to data for the period from January 2022 to October 2022, 303 different vulnerabilities were discovered in Google Chrome this year alone. The number of browser vulnerabilities for this year and for all time is as follows:

Browsers with the most vulnerabilities in 2022:

Google Chrome – 303
Mozilla Firefox – 117
Microsoft Edge — 103
Safari – 26
Opera – 0

Browsers with the most vulnerabilities (all the time):

Google Chrome – 3159
Mozilla Firefox – 2361
Safari — 1139
Microsoft Edge — 806
Opera – 344
However, Google Chrome was the only browser on the list with a security vulnerability in October, the first week of which we left behind.

Of course, the fact that this data consists not only of data disclosed by companies, and obtained by including what hackers share, can also affect the reliability of the data. Since Chrome is the most popular browser, it is constantly under attack, so more and more hackers are discovering more vulnerabilities.


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