Browns Player Reacts To Being Blamed for Baker Mayfield Injury


Browns receiver Anthony Schwartz rejects the idea that he is the reason Baker Mayfield suffered a torn upper lip in the second week.

Mayfield’s injury problems began in early 2021 when he injured himself trying to make a tackle after an interception.

But speaking to longtime Browns reporter Mary Kay Cabot, Schwartz is tired of taking the blame for what happened to his former QB. Says to Cabot:

Mostly it bothered me because I felt like people were trying to blame me for something when we both did something wrong in that play. I didn’t finish the play, and I don’t think he did the right reading, but we were both wrong, and unfortunately it ended up that way.

You never think [Justin Reed] is going to run down and all of a sudden he’s going to hit our quarterback on the shoulder and rip his upper lip. A lot of things have to happen for this to happen, and it’s sad. This is one of the plays from last year that I would like to take back. But, in the end, I don’t think it’s right for me to take all this blame. But as a beginner I couldn’t say anything. I just had to put my head down and keep working and keep moving past him.

Schwartz went on to say that when it first happened, he felt he deserved it. But since then he has started to look back at the play with a fuller picture.


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