Brooks Krepka takes a big step in the 2nd round of the US Open


Two-time US Open champion Brooks Koepka is confidently advancing to the second round at The Country Club on Friday.

After showing 3-more 73 on Day 1, Cap 4-less after 14 holes in round 2.

He scored two holes in a row at No. 11 and No. 12, then moved on to Eagle No. 14, raising his total score to 1-under.

He is currently ranked 12th in major tournaments.

This spurt is impressive, given the difficult conditions in Brooklyn this morning. With a strong wind and fast hryvnia, the 32-year-old American still finds a way to score a ball in the hole below par.

The effectiveness of the Cap is 4 less – so far the lowest result of the day. If he can continue to score confidently on the last four holes, he will be in a great position before the weekend, despite the fact that he flirted with the cut line on Thursday.

Two of Koepka’s four major wins have come in this coveted tournament — he won the US Open title in 2017 and 2018.