Brooklyn player 99, Canadian version of the show


Brooklyn 99 star Melissa Fumero, who plays the character Santiago, criticized the Canadian remake of the series, titled Escouade 99, for its lack of representativeness when casting white actors for Latin roles.

The actress shared the trailer for the Canadian version of the series with the text: “Oh my God! This is like looking at another dimension ”.

Then she replied to her post, revealing the reason for her dissatisfaction with the production. “I was suddenly curious about the Latin population in Quebec.”

The actress also added that she understood “that the Latin population is very small in Quebec, but the roles of Amy and Rosa could be done for any BIPOC, so it is disappointing to see this opportunity lost”. The term BIPOC is used to designate blacks, indigenous people and people of color – Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

Melissa Fumero also said she was saddened by the sexiest version of her character Amy. “Amy is not sexy ON PURPOSE. So that makes me upset too ”.

Melissa’s dissatisfaction was supported by Rosa’s interpreter, Stephanie Beatriz, who responded to Melissa’s message with some disapproving emojis.

Melissa Fumero, despite being born in the United States, is the daughter of Cubans. Stephanie Beatriz is born in Argentina, the daughter of a Colombian father and a Bolivian mother.

The Canadian version of Brooklyn 99 debuts on September 17 on country TV.


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