Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The secrets the show had long before its cancellation


The series that originally belonged to the Fox television network and later became NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has been one of the funniest shows on TV since its debut in 2013, managing to be a Golden Globe winner. The program managed to count on the starring of Andy Samberg, as detective Jake. However, the drama keeps some secrets that fans may not know.

Let’s remember that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a success for Fox in its first few seasons, but it was actually almost an NBC show. In 2012, the production company Universal Television approached the four major television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) and all four were very interested in acquiring the rights to the series. But, after several arguments, it ended up on NBC.

In order for the show to be completely from NBC, the cast members had to sign new contracts for the following seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is why many rumors and secrets arose about what happened behind the filming of the comic police drama and that perhaps many fans are unaware.

Andy Samberg didn’t want to be on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Long before Andy Samberg appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he had appeared in a few films in which the actor had participated. Because after his departure from Saturday Night Live in 2012, the actor did not want to return to work the rigorous schedule of a weekly television series. However, due to the cast and producers entering the show, Samberg decided to accept.

Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti were childhood friends

It is true that all the cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine managed to form a great friendship while they were participating in the program. Samberg and Chelsea Peretti, however, had been friends since they were children. Both stars attended the same primary and secondary school in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s and 1990s, in fact, the actress assured that she fell in love with him at the time.

Actress Stephanie Beatriz is practically blind

After the show won an award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy in the middle of its first season, the actress who plays Rosa Diaz, Stephanie Beatriz, caused quite a stir when she attended the awards in an elegant evening gown. and very large framed glasses. But, the reality is that she is legally blind. She does not wear them in front of the camera because the glasses do not go with her character and the contact lenses bother her eyes, so the producers say that she practically did not see anything on the film sets.

The role of Terry Crews was created just for him

One of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s favorite characters without a doubt was the one created for actor Terry Crews, the physically tough, but emotionally sensitive Sergeant Terry Jeffords. According to producers, Schur and Goor wrote the role specifically with Crews in mind, even naming him “Terry”, before hiring Crews to do the pilot. In fact, the writers have also taken moments from Crews’ life and made them a part of the show.