Brooklyn 99: Season 8 References Snyder Cut


In return for last season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine made another one of his famous pop culture references. This time, it was the Snyder Cut that was mentioned in the series, while the characters discussed Aquaman’s trident.

In the scene in question, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) tells him that he will initiate “Operation Trident”. Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) asks if it’s a reference to gum and Holt claims that it actually takes its name from having a three-pronged approach, much like Poseidon’s legendary weapon.

At this point, Jake (Andy Samberg) says that Aquaman’s trident actually has five points. Holt then says that this doesn’t make sense, and that if it were, it should be called pentent. The sequence ends with Jake saying that the five-pointed trident is shown in both the original Justice League version and Snyder Cut.

Check it out below:

Brooklyn’s final season Nine-Nine premiered on August 12th. The series was one of the productions that suffered delays with the new coronavirus pandemic and had to be postponed. In addition, the writing team decided to rewrite some of the episodes to address the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement that took place in 2020. Part of this change has already happened in the first few episodes, when Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) refuses to use police force to stop a person.


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