Brooklyn 99: Melissa Fumero Says Final Will Be Very Satisfying


Brooklyn 99: In an interview with the ComicBook portal, actress Melissa Fumero, Amy Santiago of Brooklyn 99, stated that fans will be very pleased with the end of the comedy series. Season 8 will be the last of one of the most acclaimed series in recent years and will debut in August in the United States, although production is not yet finished.

“We just finished the 5th episode of the season,” said Fumero, during an interview held at a promotional event for M.O.D.O.K., Marvel series for Hulu, in which she will play the titular villain’s daughter. “We are halfway there and a lot of nostalgic moments are happening on the set. It is strange to do something knowing that the last day will be incredibly sad, we know that we are just a month away from crying a lot ”, she added.

Brooklyn 99 season 8 recordings are still in progress

The actress also revealed that the feeling of recording the last season is bittersweet, but she is very proud of the season and fans will be very happy with the ending. “The Brooklyn 99 squad is just trying to have fun, as we did every other season, without thinking too much that the story is going to end,” she said.

It is worth mentioning that the production of last season was postponed after the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which occurred in the United States after the death of George Floyd. That’s because the producers wanted to rewrite the script and think about how they would like a series of police comedy to be amid reports of violence in the country.

Brooklyn 99 accompanies detectives from New York’s 99th Police District. Detectives Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz, Raymond Holt and Terry Jeffords solve cases while living stories full of mess, love and friendship. In Brazil, the series is available on Netflix.

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