Brooklyn 99: fans charge position on protests


Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are asking the cast and producers of the series to speak out about the protests taking place in the United States. On Twitter, the requests emphasize that the series is related to the theme, as it follows the daily lives of some policemen.

“I understand that the programs do not take social positions, but as a modern police series that has addressed police prejudice before, and with such a diverse and vast fan base, something must be said,” tweeted one of the fans.

Terry Crews, who plays a sergeant on the series, recorded a video talking about Floyd’s death, but did not take a position on the protests, as fans have been demanding.

“George Floyd looks like me, George Floyd could be me,” said Crews in a video on his Instagram. “I could easily be that man on the floor with that cop’s knee on my neck. It makes me sad and disappointed … the police must protect us and that is not what is happening ”.

Other cast members took a stand, condemning racism, but also did not speak for the series. The exception was actress Stephanie Beatriz, who plays police officer Rosa Diaz. In addition to citing her role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actress also made a $ 11,000 donation to bail out protesters arrested.

Racism in the series

Although there is no official positioning so far, the series had already addressed the theme in one of the episodes. In one of the scenes, Terry Crews’ character is approached and arrested by a police officer on the street, who arrests him without any justification. In the same sequence, another character says that he has already done threatening things, but has never had problems like that.

In a Sneak Peek, series creator Dan Goor, screenwriter Phil Jackson and Terry Crews himself commented on the importance of the episode.


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