Bronze Era Warriors Used Advanced Fighting Techniques to Protect Their Swords


German researchers discovered that fighters who dueled with bronze swords before iron weapons were produced use sophisticated fighting methods. The researchers, who analyzed the 110 Bronze Age sword, tried to understand how they were damaged by producing exact copies of the swords in question.

Researchers found that bronze swords BC He says that it was used in various battles between 1600 and 600 A.D., but because it was a mixture of copper and tin, they were quite prone to damage. The researchers, who stated that the sword could become useless even in the hands of an untrained person at random, believe that warriors are knowledgeable about certain movements and combinations.

Researchers led by Raphael Hermann from the University of Göttingen in Germany produced exact copies of the bronze swords to determine whether the Bronze Age warriors really fought or used them in ceremonies only in ceremonies.

Bronze Age warriors used sophisticated techniques to prevent their swords from being damaged.
Hermann and his team attacked each other with swords, spears and shields in their symbolic duels. They then asked members of a medieval duel club to use the weapons as described in the medieval war guides. The researchers detected abrasions in the swords after the false wars, and made them from BC. They compared it with the traces of real Bronze Age weapons dating back to 1600-600 years.

Researchers uncover the most used technique in duels
The researchers found traces of wear on the original swords that were based on certain sword movements and combinations. While the traces of wear on ancient weapons revealed that Bronze Age warriors did not randomly use swords, but also applied various techniques to improve their fighting styles, it was discovered that these techniques spread throughout Europe in the following centuries.

Researchers say sword techniques in the bronze period spread to Europe in the following centuries
In their “war simulations” they made BC. Hermann and his team, who produced copies of the most popular weapons used between 1600 and 600 AD, also found that a technique called “versetzen” meaning “displacement” in German is very common among soldiers. The technique in question varies depending on the length and angles of the blade parts of the swords, but uses the opponent to lock and guide the sword.


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