Brock Lesnar could return to WWE sooner than expected


Brock Lesnar has been absent since WrestleMania 36. The Beast lost the WWE Championship in the main event of Matchday 2 to Drew McIntyre and has since been absent from television. Over the past few weeks it has been reported that the former champion would take time out of the ring, and could even have a gap year.

In the last few hours it has been reported that Brock Lesnar may return to WWE earlier than expected. According to sporstkeeda’s Tom Colohue, the company intends to bring him back for one of the main Raw stories. Vince McMahon was initially clear that The Beast was not going to return to an event without an audience, but this could change with SummerSlam.

As we have previously reported, Vince’s main goal right now is to get SummerSlam to be held in public, either in August or September. Marty Walsh, mayor of Boston, where the show is supposed to take place, stated in early May that events with large crowds were not scheduled to take place in the summer. This situation made WWE consider waiting for September, but there is also the possibility of holding the show in another state, where laws already allow this type of show.

Additionally, it is reported that in WWE they would have already thought of a match for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and that the fighter would have become “a focal point” for their plans. Two PPV events are scheduled to take place before Summerslam: Backlash in June and Extreme Rules in July.

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