Brock Lesnar and Roman Raines owe WWE Classics Fans at SummerSlam


WWE returned to the familiar well in the match of Roman Raines and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and they are obliged to arrange a classic match in front of the fans. It’s a feud that has essentially defined this era of sports entertainment, as it seems like these two superstars are always coming back to each other. It’s Batman vs. the Joker, Goku vs. Vegeta, or Jim Halpert vs. Dwight Schrute. This is a new rivalry of Vince McMahon, John Cena and Randy Orton, and due to the injuries of many leading stars who dropped plans for the summer, the confrontation of Reince and Lesnar seemed inevitable.

Raines was originally scheduled to fight Riddle at Money In The Bank, Orton at SummerSlam and Drew McIntyre at Clash At The Castle in September. There are people in WWE who are concerned that Orton will no longer be able to fight in 2022, Riddle has never posed a serious threat to the title, and McIntyre is not at the level of Roman right now. All this made it possible for the “Incarnate Beast” to smash SmackDown to arrange a “Last Survivor” match for the biggest party of the summer.

Raines and Lesnar played the main role in WrestleMania 38, and although the fight was like a big fight, the match itself was slightly underwhelmed. Dave Meltzer gave the match three and a quarter stars, which seems right. They didn’t stink at all at AT&T Stadium, but they didn’t stage their classic feud either. This is what Reince and Lesnar have the opportunity to do at SummerSlam. Close the door to this rivalry in the foreseeable future with a knockdown protracted fight worthy of two of the strongest wrestlers in the history of business.

Some fans probably rolled their eyes as soon as Lesnar’s music sounded after Raines’ first successful defense in the United championship. However, it is important to consider the context of why this match is happening. The Tribal Cheif won’t be working on many dates this summer, Cody Rhodes is out for at least a few months, and with Orton also on the shelf, WWE quickly ran out of superstars to use for SummerSlam. McMahon probably would have preferred not to return to this match so soon after WrestleMania 38, but that’s not the worst thing he could have called. Viewers could get stuck dealing with a month of Reigns and Omos or something like that. Preferably Raines and Lesnar.

The “Last Survivor” position also sets these two brawlers up for success. It is unlikely that these two will ever put on a classic job that Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada could be proud of, but this is not their wheelhouse. In this match at SummerSlam, Raines and Lesnar force Raines and Lesnar to stay in their tracks, tearing up Nissan Stadium in Nashville. This is not WWE squeezing something down the throats of fans; this is a tough match that was born of necessity. It won’t be a classic of professional wrestling, but it can turn out to be a fantastic spectacle of sports entertainment.