Broadcast the first teaser of Rosé’s music video as a soloist


YG Entertainment has finally shared what will be the first solo release for Rosé from the group BLACKPINK.

The BLINKS must be jumping with excitement right now, as we already have the first glimpse of what will be the solo debut of Rosé, a member of the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. This moment is one of the most anticipated by fans, since the young woman has a powerful voice.

YG Entertainment agency announced that idol Rosé had already been preparing for her solo release for several months. However, things were delayed a bit due to the pandemic. Even a few weeks ago the music video was finished shooting.

“Filming of the music video for the title track of Rosé’s solo album ended in the middle of this month,” they wrote in a statement. Check out the first teaser for the new MV:

Additionally, the BP member will also have a mini album. We know that Rosé at only 23 years old has shown to have a lot of talent during all her years as a member of the K-Pop band. However, loyal fans have always wanted to hear the artist in her facet as a soloist, and very soon it will happen.

Rosé’s new thing will be different from BLACKPINK

As we have revealed to you in Somagnews, the BLACKPINK quartet is one of the most important Korean pop music groups in the world.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé have managed to break several records in sales and reproductions of their music; and in fact, Rosé’s first solo song will be released minutes before BP’s virtual world concert.

“THE SHOW” will premiere on January 31st, it will be a live streaming pay-per-view show, where thousands of fans from around the world will be able to connect to see an impressive musical presentation of the beautiful stars.

But the agency has already warned that Rosé’s solo will be quite different from the girl group’s style, although the BLINKS will surely love it: “She contains the merits of a sweet but soulful voice. It will definitely be a differentiated song from the existing BLACKPINK music. “


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