Brittany Reveals Dad Brett Favre Was Thrilled when She Joined the Claim to Fame


On Claim to Fame, Brittany turned out to be the daughter of former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, Brittany Favre-Mallyon, and she shared why he was so excited that she joined the show. Brittany is 33 years old, she has been married to Patrick Valkenberg since 2011. They have three sons. She graduated from Loyola University College of Law in 2015. Now she is an artist and demonstrated her artistic abilities during the hidden talent contest “Claim to Fame”, which she won.

In the first episode of Claim to Fame, Brittany told her fellow contestants that her celebrity relative was her father, who is best known as an athlete. Some of her fellow contestants, including Logan, found out that he was Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett, but kept his identity a secret to keep alliances in play. In the end, Brittany confirmed to viewers that she was Brett’s daughter, so fans knew her real identity before she was officially revealed to the houseguests. Contestant “Claim to Fame” X won the challenge in Week 2, which brought him a clue about the contestant, and he chose Brittany. The clue was a puzzle that read: “Throws perfect spirals for Packers.” Brett has played for the Packers for almost his entire career. However, Brittany didn’t drop out until Week 4, when she incorrectly assumed that another contestant Kai was related to singer Andra Day.

In an interview with USA Today, Brittany revealed why Brett was “so excited” to join Claim to Fame. She said they were “OG Survivor, American Idol (fans). We love competitive shows.” She explained that she didn’t think Brett would want her to “do a reality show just for the sake of being on a reality show, but the fact that it was a competition, he thought it was really cool.” In an interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Brittany said that her father fully supported her decision to become a participant in the “Claim to Fame” contest and thought it would be a lot of fun. However, she said her mom Dina, to whom Brett has been married since 1996, thought it was a “terrible idea” being on TV because she’s just as secretive as Brittany. Brittany said, “My dad is like, ‘Competition show? It sounds amazing!” And my mom was like, “But you’re going to be on TV.” In the end, she said that her parents are fans of Claim to Fame and are proud of the way she behaved in the series.

In an interview with Brittany USA Today, she also shared that Brett advised her as a participant in the “Claim to Fame” contest to “have fun.” She explained that Brett’s entire career “was just a game, after all. You have contracts and money, and you have that attention, but really you’re just playing a game that kids play as well. the main thing is: go there, have fun, be yourself, treat people with respect and enjoy it.” In her interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Brittany stated that she had never been in the spotlight before. It was intentional because she “went through a lot of things that I was pretty open about in terms of mental health issues and things that I had to work with.” She said she had put her family under a lot of stress and they were “finally on the other side.” Brittany explained that she wanted her children to see her doing something that would make them proud of her and see her “healthy, happy and back to her normal self.”

Brittany was a smart and strategic player on Claim to Fame. The influence of her father Brett was evident in her competitive spirit. Although she has been eliminated, she has the right attitude and point of view about it. After all, “Claim to Fame” is just a game, and Brittany played it very well.


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