Brittany Mahomes has been waiting for 1 message from Patrick all year: fan reaction


Earlier this week, Patrick Mahomes left his family and went to a training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri.

By now, Mahomes is an experienced veteran, as he is already attending a training camp for the sixth time. However, even he has several drawbacks, for example, he did not prepare for the camp properly.

Brittany Mahomes said that Patrick constantly forgets all their passwords as soon as he gets to the camp.

“Every year I look forward to a message from @PatrickMahomes asking him to provide all our usernames and passwords as soon as he gets to camp,” she tweeted on Friday, the first day of the Chiefs training camp.

Fans liked Brittany’s confession because they all know wrestling.

“Mahomes remembers the defenses from the movies and every responsibility from Andy Reid’s play, but can’t remember his Netflix account. He’s just like us,” another person joked.

Patrick himself also reacted to the accusation. All he could do was laugh.

Stars, they’re just like us.


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