Britons recall communication with Queen Elizabeth II


Crowds gather near Windsor Castle to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, people honor the memory of her legacy, and some even remember the time when they communicated with Her Majesty.

One woman told CNN it was “amazing” when she saw the queen at the hospice opening a few months ago. She said that the queen waved to everyone present, smiled slightly and said “thank you” when she was told that she looked great.

“She just symbolizes everything. I’m such a big royalist. I’ve lived in Windsor all my life, so I just grew up with my family loving it and kind of instilling it in us, really,” she said.

She said the Queen was “absolutely” a unifying force, adding that “she will be missed.”

Jonathan Windsor, from Bristol, said he learned of the Queen’s death from a notification on his phone while he was in the pub.

“We raised a toast to Her Majesty in the news. I can’t tell you how sad our country is because of the terrible news,” he told CNN.
Another person, Judy Anzel from London, said her mother called her to inform her of the Queen’s passing.

“Of course, it was something we all once expected, but when it actually happens, everything is different,” Anzel said, adding that “the UK has been in a difficult situation lately” and because of this death “will hit him.” especially strongly at this time.”


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