Britney Spears tired and injured: She goes to a UV session


Britney Spears looks tired after her foot injury. To heal, the young woman takes a moment and goes to a UV session.

After her foot accident, Britney Spears still wanted to have fun. Tired, the star was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles going to a UV session!

Britney Spears fans seem very worried. In recent times, the young woman has been at its worst. Besides, her friend, Taryn Manning, even posted a strange message on her Instagram account. The latter then suggested that the star had plunged back into a state of depression.

Known for her complicated mind, Britney Spears did not seem to be going wrong. Indeed, a few days later, her boyfriend had published a photo of her at the hospital. And if this last word can suppose the worst, it has nothing. The singer had just had the misfortune to break her foot while dancing .

Besides, her lover had explained that he was present for her in each event. And to prove her love, she even had the delicacy to sign her plaster !

Today, Britney Spears seems to be a little better. The photographers have also taken several shots of the young woman walking in the streets of LA. Dressed in a crop top shirt and white mini shorts , the 38-year-old singer had drawn features.

Besides, it even seems that the star has gained a few pounds . It is therefore the sad look that the interpreter of Baby One More Time went to her appointment. A few days ago, she announced the reason why her foot had broken. “ I hadn’t danced for six months, so I was fully! And yes … I know I’m barefoot … ”

A mistake that has earned Britney Spears a pale complexion and a tired look today. Hopefully the young woman will recover quickly from this new blow.


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