Britney Spears tells how she can overcome self-esteem issues


Britney Spears has found a good way to ward off self-esteem issues: through exercise. That’s what she showed in her most recent Instagram post. For her, this kind of exercise helps with posture, which can be a problem.

“Body language is everything! The way you talk and behave can affect your mood…. I have self-esteem issues, so I can get sloppy, ”Britney wrote. “These exercises help me get stronger every day and it’s so much fun to do them… I feel so different every time I do it because I’m not used to this feeling in the beads,” he notes.

In the publication, she showed some positions she does during these yoga exercises. Check out:

Britney Spears is currently taking a break from working life to take care of personal well-being. Earlier this year she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. After that, he faced problems in court involving his father’s guardianship, as well as custody issues.

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