Britney Spears shows off her figure with her hit single by Bad Bunny


Britney Spears opened 2022 with the celebration of her freedom after a judge terminated the guardianship that violated her human rights for almost 14 years. The singer has shared with her followers, through Instagram, the way she enjoys the days. Recently, the interpreter of “Baby One More Time” showed off her spectacular figure to the rhythm of Bad Bunny.

The social network of photos and videos has become a tool where the singer writes her thoughts. In fact, thanks to these messages from her, her fans realized that something was not right in her life due to the guardianship that her father Jamie Spears handled and the #FreeBritney movement was created.

Bad Bunny ‘entertains’ Britney Spears’ days of freedom

As a way of expressing the tranquility that she has lived since her guardianship ended, Britney Spears shared a reel where she can be seen wearing a pink two-piece swimsuit, while walking in front of the camera to model the garment and drinking water. The video is accompanied by a message:

The singer showed off her figure while modeling to the rhythm of “Dákiti” by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez, that collaboration that ignited the pandemic summer of 2020, as well as gave great joy to all those who were confined due to the resulting health crisis by COVID-19.

Although Britney Spears disabled the comments on her Instagram account, the reel received about 926 thousand 833 “likes” in less than 17 hours. After watching the video, the Só team thought that they would like to see a collaboration between the ‘Princess of Pop’ and Bad Bunny, but that will only be possible when she feels safe to return to music.

Let’s not forget that, at the end of December, the singer revealed why she is not ready to return to music and this is due to the traumatic experience she lived thanks to the people who managed her career, so not making more songs is her way of saying, “F * ck.”

Also, she doesn’t want her family to benefit from any of her releases, while they ignore her true work. The return of Britney Spears to music does not look close, but her reel to the rhythm of Bad Bunny made more than one fan happy.