Britney Spears recalls how her sons behaved “hatefully” to her against the backdrop of the Kevin Federline drama


Her side of the story. Britney Spears has spoken in detail about her relationship with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James after Kevin Federline said they no longer want to spend time with her.

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“The situation should have been resolved 100 percent privately and definitely not online,” the 40—year-old Grammy winner wrote in a long Instagram post on Wednesday, August 10. “The British network said that their stepmother’s goal is to keep the children away. from all the contradictions and traumas in my house… I have love in my house, and I have blessings from the people I let in and out of my house.”

The “Break the Ice” singer was apparently referring to her 44-year-old ex-husband’s ITV interview, which was broadcast in parts in the UK this month. In an excerpt published by the Daily Mail on Saturday, August 6, the former dancer said that 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden James “decided they didn’t see” their mother right now.

Spears reacted to the interview on the same day by applauding the statements of Celebrity Fit Club alumni. “I am sad to hear that my ex—husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” she wrote in an Instagram story. “As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone.”

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In her latest post, the Crossroads actress said she was “always looking forward” to meeting her boys, but she claimed they didn’t always seem to reciprocate the feeling.

“I know that teenagers at this age are just hard to deal with… but COME on, there is rudeness and HATRED,” she wrote. “They came to me, walked in the door, went straight to their room and locked the door!!! The MONITOR would tell me that he just likes being in his room… I’m like, why come to visit me if they don’t even visit me!!! But I never said that because I have to be kind!!!”

The pop star went on to say that “adolescence is strange,” noting that she did everything possible to make her children happy during their visits.

“We always spent time for prayer, not really for prayer, it sounds silly, but it’s called ‘devotion’…when you read two or three pages of a prayer book and talk about it,” she wrote. “I’ve always STAYED and STAYED, and maybe that’s why they stopped coming here!!! I wanted to be loved so much that I may have overdone it!!! This summer, they told me, “We can come here less,” and I thought that everything was fine.”

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After the teens told her about it, Spears said she called Federline to discuss the situation.

“I told him it seems like the boys want to stop coming here too, and I understand that because they have their own things to do, but I feel like they’re pretty harsh,” the former X Factor judge continued. “His words were: “I would never let them make this decision on their own… I would never do that to you!”!! Well, after that I haven’t seen them since!!!”

The “Toxic” singer criticized her ex-husband, whom she divorced in 2007, for discussing her guardianship during an interview. The legal agreement was finally terminated in November 2021 after 13 years and a lengthy trial.

Last year, pop singer PopoZão said that guardianship “didn’t serve Spears very well”, but changed his mind in his last interview, telling ITV that, in his opinion, such an agreement was necessary for the health of his ex-wife.

“[Britney’s Father] Jamie Spears came up to me and said: “I do not know what to do, I want to help,” Federline said. “I saw a person who really cared and really cares about his family and wants everything to be fine.”

When asked if he thinks Jamie’s intervention “saved” Britney, the Ernesto star replied: “I feel 100 percent that he saved her then.”


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