Britney Spears plays the sirens in her pool video amazing


Britney Spears plays the sirens in her pool video amazing! Britney Spears posts a new video on her Instagram account. She does the siren in her pool, her fans love it.

Britney Spears is doing better. That’s what it seems in her last video. Although 2019 was a complicated year for the singer, she seems to finish it off. While her fans worried a lot for her, the interpreter of Baby One More Time has resumed all her hair!

In the video, we see Britney Spears swimming in a pool. Like a mermaid, her body moves with incredible grace. She dives, swims, makes a figure under water … the singer is in her element. A moment for her, a moment that is good for her, that gives her energy.

This beautiful sequence this couple with a very nice French music in the background. A small wink to the French who is so warm to the heart. The piece is a composition of Enrico Macias and Gaston Ghrenassia which is entitled “The wife of my friend. The mother of Sean and Jayden also adds in legend: “Thousands of people have lived without love … .. but not one without water …… water is the matter of life, mother, matrix and medium !!!! !! ”

Almost 950,000 people watched her video. The comments of Internet users are very numerous. Many fans compare Britney Spears to “a pop mermaid”. While another fan is also having fun writing: “Molière trembles. Queen of the invention of the French language. A follower even calls into question one of the gods of mythology! “Poseidon who? Queen of the waters. »Nothing that says so!

Subtle, benevolent and intelligent messages from countries around the world! A playful Portuguese by the publication of the star of 37 years is quick to publish in large print: “FITNESS AQUATIC IN DIVING SUBMARINE! What can be said is that Britney Spears is once again feeling! Her life, she benefits fully and happily. So positive!

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