Britney Spears on vacation with Sam Asghari in Hawaii!


Britney Spears and her sweetheart Sam Asghari are enjoying their vacation in Hawaii. The singer then unveils an extract on Instagram!

In the huge arms of the handsome Sam Asghari, Britney Spears appears happier than ever. The American music star then unveils an excerpt from their dream vacation in Hawaii!

Very active on social networks, Britney Spears reveals everything about her lively daily life. His millions of fans rejoice!

They follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse, in search of new nuggets. And for once, they are very numerous!

Between the selfies, sometimes very strange, the intense sports sessions and the frenzied dance sessions, there is plenty to do.

But that’s not all ! The star with 27 million followers on Instagram also appears very often alongside her partner Sam Asghari.

Not long ago, Britney Spears unveiled a small extract of their dream vacation in Hawaii. And it makes you want!


Between Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, it’s crazy love. The 2 lovers do not let go of a single sole!

At the beginning of the week, the very famous American singer then announced their departure on vacation, heading to Hawaii! Yes, you did hear it.

On Instagram, we see them strike a pose in front of the plane. The cliché was a huge success!

But Britney Spears intends to make her fans enjoy her little stay on the paradisiacal archipelago. Yesterday, she then unveiled a small extract on the platform.

We thus discover sublime landscapes and a turquoise sea in which she dives without even removing her clothes.

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The couple are having a blast! We let you admire.


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