Britney Spears’ life will become a documentary on Netflix


Netflix is ​​preparing a documentary about singer Britney Spears. The information was revealed on Monday (15) in a report in Bloomberg magazine.

The director in charge is Erin Lee Carr, who has accumulated some documentary work. She commanded Mama Dead and Sweetheart and I Love You, Now Die – Michelle Carter’s Case, about police cases and criminal investigations, as well as At the Heart of Gold, about allegations of abuse on the American gymnastics team. All previous productions were on HBO.


Comparisons to the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which premiered in February 2021, have already begun. The production shows details of the #FreeBritney campaign and the controversy surrounding the strict management of the singer’s career and even her personal life, made by father and businessman Jamie Spears.

However, Bloomberg guarantees that Netflix production started even before the Hulu project. For now, there are still no details about the new documentary, including release date, title or synopsis.

It is worth remembering that both streaming platforms have already released almost simultaneous productions on the same theme: in 2019, Netflix premiered Fyre Festival: Fiasco in the Caribbean, while Hulu was responsible for the documentary Fyre Fraud.


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