Britney Spears even needs permission to upload photos


Singer Britney Spears is going through very difficult times and it is rumored that her father has totally controlled her.

For several months, Britney Spears has been going through a chaotic moment in her life, as she finds herself in the eye of the hurricane after it became known that her father has totally controlled her.

According to rumors that reached the newsroom of Somagnews, Britney Spears is obliged to ask permission even to publish photos on her social networks.

Although the request was made in court, the “princess of pop” remains under the legal guardianship of her father without being able to enjoy or dispose of her money or properties, among other things.

Britney Spears lives chaotic situation

The situation has reached such a point that Britney Spears cannot go shopping to see her children or leave her house with prior authorization.

That is why her thousands of fans around the world are increasingly convinced that her father and guardian, Jamie Spears, is holding her captive and that he does it to be able to stay and manage all of his daughter’s assets.

As if that were not enough, the artist cannot express herself freely without first consulting it. This means that each posting of photos or videos that you upload to your social networks is previously checked by the environment of the person who has your guardianship.

This made, more than ever, that the “#FreeBritney” movement will gain even more force and it is expected that its thousands of fans made a stir to defend their star and demand their autonomy.

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Both Britney and her legal representative distrust her father’s movements and question how the situation is being handled.


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