Britney Spears: drag queens fans rally for her freedom!


Britney Spears has worried many of her fans lately. Including on the side of the drag queens, who are therefore mobilizing for her!

While rumors are rife about Britney Spears, her fans are mobilizing like never before. Especially from the drag queens community. She fights for the release of the queen. From their Queen!

OMG! Britney Spears is therefore not done with her tutelage. Indeed, for 12 years already, the star can no longer do what he wants.

The reason ? Her father, Jamie, has put her under financial guardianship and manages her finances with her lawyers. It’s not a life, in short …

Especially since videos of the star have panicked the Internet. Everyone then believes that she is trying somehow to get a message across.

Never mind: the drag queens, whom Britney Spears has always supported, have been keen to lend their support in this whole matter.

For several months, everyone has been going there with their little commentary about the young woman. A makeup artist even claimed that the “Baby One More Time” performer couldn’t get married!


Either way, the drag queens, passionate about Britney Spears wanted to support her in their own way. Thus, they delivered a performance on this occasion.

So this was the birth of the event worn by the Brit Sisters, whose purpose is to “bring to light” the truth about Britney Spears. Mass has been said.

“If Britney has the capacity to go on tour, to make music videos, to release an album, to produce multiple flavors and to reside for 4 years in Las Vegas, she is more than capable of making her decisions on her own.”

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The event is scheduled to take place on December 16 in San Antonio, Texas. For their part, fans have decided to boycott the release of the star’s next single. This, by virtue of the #FreeBritney movement.


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