Britney Spears criticizes Lynn Spears’ Mom after Leaking Texts and Claims She was “abused”: you are not the “perfect parent”


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Without holding back. Britney Spears has accused her mother, Lynn Spears, of allegedly lying about her involvement in the pop star’s 13-year custody after she shared their old text messages online.

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“Yo ma, you also made people understand that this is the only time you write back to me???” the 40-year-old Toxic singer wrote on Instagram on Monday, July 25, claiming that her 67-year-old mother hid caffeine from her and forced her to attend alcoholics Anonymous meetings. “Did you tell them every morning when I was trying to find coffee that there were no pictures of me in the kitchen, just Maddie and Jamie Lynn???”

Britney continued, “Did you tell them how you were at my beach house when I didn’t even have my car keys??? Did you tell them that I have 3 AA meetings a week when I hate alcohol??? …Did you tell them when custody work first started that you and Brian’s wife were out every night drinking wine and taking your stupid photos when I couldn’t go anywhere or have my boyfriend anymore? …Did you tell them two weeks before the guardianship started that it was already planned???”

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In her post, the “Crossroads” star accused her mom of “playing the role of a responsible, perfect parent,” claiming that Lynn was just as involved in custody behind the scenes as Britney’s father, Jamie Spears. “You’ve ruined everything for me… I don’t remember ever receiving messages from you!!!” Britney wrote, later adding, “You have the nerve to show your messages when you know you guys hurt me so much that it [sic] isn’t even funny!!!”

The “Sometimes” singer concluded her post by stating that Lynn “insulted me… yes, I will say that. And it amazes me that you still play the prayer-loving mom!!!” She then shared a photo from an old Ellen von Unwerth photoshoot along with the caption “KEEP IT COOL, YALL.”

Britney’s hot message came a day after she shared screenshots of texts she allegedly sent to a friend, a lawyer and Lynn when she was in a psychiatric hospital. The Grammy winner said that she had never received a response from anyone, even after she told her mother that she was worried about her health. In response, Lynn posted screenshots shared by Britney’s friend to prove that she supported her daughter during her stay at the institution, along with her own message.

“Britney, I also have all the “whole conversations”!” the mother of three wrote on Instagram. “It hurts me for you that you feel that the people who love you the most have betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!” Us Weekly reached out to Britney and Lynn for comments.

The pop star, who married actor Sam Asgari at her California home last month, has previously accused her mother of not supporting her during her 13-year guardianship, which officially ended in November 2021. years ago… but people don’t know that the idea belongs to my mom!!!!”Britney claimed she was deleted at the time. “I’ll never get those years back… she secretly ruined my life.”

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She continued, “So take your whole ‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND what’s going on’ attitude and fuck off!!!! You know exactly what you did.”


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