Britney Spears very criticized: she pushes a rant!


Britney Spears is not in top shape. Victim of many critics, she replied to her detractors on her Instagram account.

Critics have been targeting Britney Spears for a long time. Now the singer has had enough. She made it known in a video posted on her Instagram account.

Britney Spears knows well the throes of celebrity. First star of the Mickey club, she then rose to fame with the hit “Baby One More Time”. The singer then had a great career in the spotlight. The constant pressure nevertheless led her to several excesses. She shaved her head in public. Although young, Spears also underwent several drug treatment programs.

If everything seems to be going better for her today, Britney Spears is not done with her demons. She indeed made a passage in a psychiatric institute at the beginning of the year. Her ex-husband also questions shared custody of their two sons, Preston and Jayden. This latter problem should be resolved in the courts. The singer has not finished making the paparazzi talk.

Britney Spears chose to post a video on her Instagram account. She yells at all of the people who criticize her all day long.

“Happy holidays friends! I love sharing things with all of you, but it has become difficult to keep doing it because of people who make very nasty comments, “she comments. “If you don’t like a post, just keep it to yourself and stop following that person! There is no reason to make nasty comments and intimidate people, “she said. ” Be happy. Have a good holiday and God bless you, ”she concluded. Hoping it will silence the worst languages.


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