Britney Spears and new husband Sam Asgari criticize Kevin Federline, saying he didn’t work enough;


Neither Britney Spears nor her new husband Sam Asgari have said a word about their ex Kevin Federline and the two sons Spears shares with him since her guardianship ended. Most of their comments were addressed to Spears’ father Jamie or her sister Jamie Lynn. Everything changed this week, although after reports surfaced that Federline and his wife gave an extensive interview and said that the children, who are now 15 and 16 years old, decided not to see their mother. He also said that they consider the recent nude photos she posted on social media to be “complicated.”

Spears responded in an Instagram Story, and then in a longer post, saying she was “saddened” to hear Federline publicly discuss her relationship with her children, but Asgari did become aggressive in his statement. He posted a long post on his Instagram story in which he defended his wife because of the selfies she takes and said that the “hard” part for them is probably that the father is a role model who hasn’t actually worked for more than a decade. Here is part of his quote…

His statement that children are distancing themselves has no basis, and it is irresponsible to make this statement publicly. The boys are very smart, and soon they will turn 18 to make their own decisions, and perhaps eventually they will realize that the “hard” part was that they had a father who worked little for more than 15 years as a role model. Kevin’s feeding trough will be over soon, which probably explains the timing of these hurtful statements.

The interview in question was taken from ITV. It is reported that its parts will be launched next week. In it, the former dancer, who was married to Spears from 2004 to 2007, reportedly openly talks about Spears’ guardianship, as well as about some of the problems she allegedly had with her children. The excerpts we received, many of which were published in The Daily Mail, are not really vindictive or accusatory, but they are very personal, and both Spears and Asgari clearly feel that the line has been crossed.

Instagram First, Spears turned to her Instagram story to defend herself and talk about what happened, but later she decided to post a multi-page Instagram post dedicated to the interview and talking about her custody-related trauma.

It’s not clear what exactly is going on with Britney Spears and her children. In March 2021, they posted a photo together on Instagram, but the children reportedly did not attend her recent wedding. It’s clear from all the posts on social media that there is some tension, and the violent storm that will no doubt follow this interview and back-and-forth correspondence will probably add even more stress to the situation. We hope that all participants will be able to sort out and find the co-parenting relationships that are best suited for everyone.


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