Britney Spears, accomplice with her boyfriend Sam!


Britney Spears is in heaven! On vacation in Hawaii with her darling Sam Asghari, the singer was very smiling on Instagram.

Obviously, Britney Spears is on a cloud! Via her social media, the star has immortalized herself radiant alongside her man Sam Asghari. And for once, his shot seems to have reassured his fans.

In recent months, Britney Spears has greatly intrigued the media because of her private life! And there is enough, to this day the star is waging a merciless war on her father.

Indeed, the interpreter of “Gimme more” has lived for several years under the tutelage of James Spears.

After being declared “unfit” in 2008 following a depression, the star – who will seem to be doing much better since then – would like to change terms concerning her rights. And we understand better why …

For over ten years, James Spears has had total control over his daughter’s daily life. Through his expenses, his career … But also through his personal life!

If Britney Spears wants emancipation, her legal guardian doesn’t hear it that way at all. For now, the “Crazy” performer will have to wait until February 2021 to hope that some of his requests are processed.

In the turmoil, she can obviously count on the unconditional support of her fans. But also his darling – the sports coach – Sam Asghari.


Because of all these little things, Britney Spears obviously needed a vacation! So to breathe a bit, the “pop princess” decided to fly to Hawaii with her darling.

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Being very active on the Web, Sam Asghari has also shared some images of their dream vacation. On the program: sports sessions, seaside walks and romantic dinners.

Obviously, turn rolls for them! A few hours ago on Instagram, Britney Spears immortalized herself with her man to the delight of her followers. In front of the camera, the duo also showed themselves smiling and very complicit.

And for once, the pictures of the pretty blonde seem to have delighted the community of the singer. Phew!


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