British website predicts when to get vaccinated


The mass vaccination against covid-19 in the United Kingdom started in December with the Pfizer immunizer and was reinforced on Monday (4), when the Oxford vaccine also started to be applied. Despite the increase in supply, many Britons do not know when they will receive the doses, initially made available to priority groups.

Trying to predict when each person will be immunized, the startup Omni Calculator launched a calculator capable of estimating how long it will take to be vaccinated in the UK. The forecast is based on the government’s list of priorities and the likely rate of vaccination.

For the calculation, the internet user answers some questions, informing the age, if he works or lives in a nursing home, if he is a health worker or pregnant woman, among other questions. The tool also wants to know if the visitor has a health problem and is in the group of people extremely vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

After answering the form, the calculator presents an estimate of how many people are in front of you in the vaccine waiting list, in addition to showing a possible date for when the two doses will be applied.

Do the test

According to the calculator, a 30-year-old person who is not a health worker, is not pregnant or ill will only receive two doses of the vaccine between January 19 and July 2, 2022, with 27 to 38 million people living your front.

A 65-year-old citizen with the same characteristics will have 9 to 12 million individuals ahead, being immunized between May and June this year, while a 45-year-old health professional will be even more advanced, receiving doses in April or May.

And if you lived in the UK, when would you get the vaccine against the new coronavirus? To find out, just go to the Omni Calculator website and answer the questionnaire.


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