British Shoppers Fight For Prime in Viral Video With KSI and Logan’s Drink in High Demand


In a viral video, British shoppers run through Aldi shelves to get their hands on Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink.

Two popular YouTube streamers have competed against each other in two separate boxing matches in the past.

But since then, KSI and Paul have teamed up, releasing a sports energy drink under the brand name Prime, filled with vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water.

Unsurprisingly, stores continue to sell out Prime stocks quickly, and some people resort to the slaughterhouse to buy a drink.

Aldi customers in the UK are fighting for KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime

Early this morning, December 29, Aldi shoppers in the UK lined up for a chance to get a Prime Hydration drink. Chaos of a different kind ensued as soon as the doors opened.

Twitter user Mark Hall filmed a scene in which Aldi customers of all ages shouted from behind a box filled with merchandise.

At one point in the video, an elderly man even takes two bottles from the hands of a little boy. Hall described the scenes as “absolute carnage.”


At first glance, the above viral video looks like it’s footage from a Black Friday sale. But instead of fighting for cheap TVs, customers are squabbling with each other over Logan Paul and the KSI Prime energy drink.

The drink is also available for purchase in the United States, and retailers such as Target, Walmart, and CVS sell it in-store and online.


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