British Prime Minister: We Can Take Strong Precautions Against Those Who Do Not Heed To Warnings


World leaders continue to warn their citizens against the new type of coronavirus epidemic. British Prime Minister Johnson emphasized the importance of social distance once again, saying that everyone should be at least 2 meters from each other.

Despite being an island country, Britain, one of the countries most threatened by the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, has decided to change its strategy to fight pandemics due to the increase in the number of cases.

The British government, which introduced no restrictions on social life in the early days of the epidemic, adopted the ‘herd immunity’ model. The main idea underlying this strategy was that immunity would develop by overcoming the disease in the majority of the population.

Britain, which did not insist much on this approach, which attracted great reactions from the public, suspended all social and cultural activities like other countries and closed schools. According to the data shared by the British Public Health Institution, the number of people who died in the island country due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours increased by 48 more and reached 281. In addition, the number of cases reached 5,683 with an increase of 635. The fact that a young 18-year-old was among those who died caused great concern. However, no explanation was made as to whether the young person who lost his life has chronic illness.

“You must be 2 meters from each other and follow the social distance rules”
Speaking at his daily press conference on the outbreak, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for ‘social distance’ like all other country leaders. “Do not think that fresh air gives you immunity on your own. You must be 2 meters from each other and follow the social distance rules,” said Johnson, saying that this is a vital rule that must be taken very seriously.

“If people can’t do it, if they don’t, then of course we will have to take more drastic measures. We don’t want to do this, but it may be necessary,” Johnson said, implying that they could enforce a curfew across the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which first appeared in Wuhan, China last December, has infected 338,448 people worldwide and cost 14,691 people. Long time came under the influence of the epidemic unfortunately table if Turkey managed to stay out of this situation. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in a statement yesterday on Twitter that the number of patients caught in coronavirus reached 1.236 and the total loss to 30.


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