British and Americans on Thanksgiving – Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His “Special Meaning” of The Festival


Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the richest actors in the world, famous for his action films, including the films “Terminator”, “Running Man”, “Predator”, “Red Heat” and “Remember Everything” and others. And before acting, he was a professional bodybuilder who was considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Even the second most important bodybuilding competition was named after him, as he won Mr. Olympia seven times during his career.


Having established himself in the business industry, he entered politics and served as the 38th governor of California for eight years. The actor has always dedicated himself to changing people and bringing something better. Similarly, this Thanksgiving, he has a special message for everyone about how they can make this holiday season useful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers a very important thank-you message

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently visited Bell Gardens Intermediate School to celebrate the 20th anniversary of California Proposition 49. This is an initiative that the 75-year-old star started back in 2002, which raised hundreds of millions for extracurricular programs. During his visit, he gave an exclusive interview to Alex Michaelson.

During the conversation, the actor sent people an inspiring message that giving is the most important thing.

“I always tell them that the most important thing you will learn is how much fun you get by giving something to your community,” explained the star of the kindergarten “Policeman”. He added that doing something for others without any selfish motives is the greatest feeling.

A superstar prides himself on being able to contribute to his community in some way, whether it’s school programs, environmental programs, healthcare, or any other social issues. Therefore, this is what Arnold Schwarzenegger meant: what is true thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, as for his children, they celebrated this Thanksgiving with their mom Maria Shriver. Schwarzenegger’s siblings are closely connected to each other and to their parents, as they support and gather for a special occasion.

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