British Airways Takes The Fastest Flight In History From New York To London

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An aircraft owned by Bristish Airways performed the world’s fastest subsonic flight, exceeding the world’s highest subsonic flight speed of 1,287 km / h on a New York-London flight. Departing from New York, the plane broke a record by reaching London in about 5 hours.

A Boeing 747 aircraft from British Airways set off from New York to reach London on Saturday night. Accelerated by the wind of Ciara storm, Boeing 747 managed to land at London airport in 4 hours 56 minutes.

British Airways’ Boeing 747 became the fastest flying subsonic route between New York and London. Boeing 747 owes its arrival to London from New York in such a short time to the Ciana storm, which now affects Europe.

Brandon Miller, CNN’s top meteorologist, said the wind called jet stream is much stronger than ever. Miller added that the origin of the wind at about 320 km / h caused by the Ciara storm, which affected Europe.

“The jet stream is an air river moving at high altitude in the atmosphere at high altitude, where commercial aircraft fly,” said Brandon Miller. Miller added that these winds were used during the flight of planes.

According to Flightradar24, which offers online flight tracking service, British Airways’ Boeing 747 reached a speed of 1,327 km / h during the flight. Flightradar24 also announced that the plane, which reached a record speed, performed the flight, which should normally take 6 hours and 13 minutes, in 4 hours and 56 minutes.

The spokesman of British Airways, who performed the flight between London and New York, also issued a statement on the subject. British Airways spokesperson said, “We always prioritize safety before speed records. Our highly trained pilots provided the best conditions to deliver customers to London ahead of time. ”

The Ciara storm, which is responsible for British Airways’ approximately 2-hour early flight to London, has influenced Europe starting from the weekend. Transportation problems are experienced due to the storm. More than 100 flights were postponed due to the storm at Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports, which are already the largest airports in Europe.


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