Britain’s Decision on Huawei and 5G Appears


Chinese technology giant Huawei entered the critical week for the situation in the UK. According to the statements, the long-awaited decision will become clear next week.

It is not yet clear whether the Chinese technology firm Huawei can obtain the country’s 5G network, according to a statement by British officials, but the estimates are that, despite the intense US opposition, at least limited access will be given green light.

The decision has not been made yet, but next week there will be a clear decision on the process. It is also said that the decision will be in favor of Huawei.

US moves against Huawei continue in other countries:
There will be those who recall that the United States National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien warned Britain not to let the Chinese technology giant Huawei put 5G communications into the country. O’Brien said that such a step would pose a ‘risk’ for the British Intelligence Service, and said, “We think that Britain’s nuclear secrets, secret files of the intelligence services and all state secrets will be stolen. 5G is a national security decision. It shocked us that Huawei regarded its decision as a commercial decision. ”

It is now well known that the United States is attempting to prevent Huawei’s access to countries’ 5G internet network. Washington accuses the Chinese supplier of spying. Huawei strongly denies these accusations.

Statement came from England:
Andrea Leadsom, Secretary of State for the Business, Energy and Industry Strategy of Britain, said in a recent statement this week that a decision will be made very soon, and many factors will be taken into account. According to Leadsom, these factors will include other companies in the country and Huawei’s work in the UK.

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The UK also announced that it has been using Huawei products in its systems for the past 15 years. Judging by the information from security agencies, there is no risky situation recorded until now, and also banning Huawei while this is the case, may delay the commissioning of the full fiber network with 5G by incurring a large amount of money.


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