Brisanet thinks to bring 5G into the Northeast


The operator Brisanet intends to make 5G available to its franchisees in the interior of the Northeast. The news was released by the company’s CEO, José Roberto Nogueira, during a panel of the digital edition of the Forum of Innovative Operators that took place on Monday (20).

Through the franchise model, the businessman said he will “raise 5G” in the region in 2022, when the technology starts to be implemented in small towns. Brisanet’s franchisees are, for the most part, internet providers (ISPs) that have around 1 thousand and 1.5 thousand customers each – and, in total, add up to 200 thousand.

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“5G will be included in the ISP package, which will continue to operate at the tip,” explained José Roberto. During the digital event, he also cited previous achievements by the operator, which was responsible for taking fiber optic technology to small cities in the same region.

According to the CEO, this infrastructure will be fundamental for the transport of data from the fifth generation mobile network. “We are building backbone with fiber in front of each block. 5G will be a data extension. It will be fixed broadband with mobility ”, he said.

In the Brisanet franchise model, the company is responsible for installing the passive infrastructure, while each ISP invests in the active part, in addition to being responsible for the relationship with the end user and with the regulatory bodies.

While it does not have its own authorization to use 5G, Brisanet acts as a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) with Vivo’s network.


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