Brings direct purchase for AMD Threadripper Pro


Luck comes to those who long for the power of the Threadripper Pro, but don’t want to buy a ThinkStation to get it. Beginning in March, AMD will begin selling these CPUs directly to consumers and will terminate Lenovo exclusive access to this processor series.

While the pure Threadripper may seem like the pinnacle of computing power for many, the Pro series has some advantages that will seriously benefit those who need them. We can list them as follows:

  • Memory channels have been doubled from four to eight.
  • PCI-E buses have been doubled from 64 to 128.
  • Memory capacity has been expanded from 256 GB to 2 TB.

If we depict these huge numbers in real world conditions; Threadripper Pro allows users to work with larger data sets thanks to its expanded memory capacity. It also provides double the expansion for users who need tons of graphics or network cards.

Of course, all these features make no sense without motherboards that can support them. After all, what would the 128 PCI-E lanes mean if the motherboard had only 4 PCI-E 16x slots? An AnandTech article highlights three motherboards that should come to support CPUs, but we’re unlikely to see the same variety and option in individual consumer level motherboards.

There is no information on pricing yet, but regular Threadripper CPUs are not exactly cheap. However, if you need the capabilities of this type of CPU, you should probably make some money using it (so you really deserve the “pro” mounted processor). And these processors do not provide to workstation users outside of Intel’s server products; It offers 64 threads and some features like PCI-E gen 4.


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