Bring your passwords to your Pc with the Chrome extension


If you are one of the many users of the bitten apple, surely you have the iCloud cloud service in use. For many, it is the place where their data is safe on the net, and where they can go to recover it in case of losing their terminal. But the service goes further thanks to the fact that it is able to remember even the passwords of the sites you enter on the Internet. The best thing about this is that you can use those passwords constantly even if you enter from a PC thanks to the new iCloud Passwords extension for Google Chrome.

Transfer your passwords from iPhone to PC with Google Chrome

The ‘pique’ that exists among the software giants is known to all. Apple, Microsoft and Google are the ones that occupy most of the market, and their applications are the best known. But sometimes we find certain exclusivities that make it difficult to change devices. This happened if you used the Safari browser from your iPhone, although luckily you can use the browser you want without worrying about passwords.

This is possible thanks to the fact that Apple has released the extension to use your saved passwords in Safari. The software safely stores all the keys that the user has put in the browser of the bitten apple, but the best thing is that once it is installed in Chrome you will have them on any device. If you have a PC with the Google browser you will only have to install this extension and thus you will have access to all the passwords.

If it’s in Google Chrome, it’s also in Edge

It is good news that you have all your iCloud Passwords in Google Chrome, but it is better if we tell you that another browser also has it. We are talking about Microsoft Edge, which is going through one of its best moments. The reason is simple, and that is that Microsoft’s browser is built on the same basis as Chrome. So then, everything that enters the Mountain View browser will also enter the Redmond browser.


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