Bring Me The Horizon Teaser With New Music in Tour Video


Bring Me The Horizon shared a video giving fans an insight into their life on tour, which includes an excerpt from a new song towards the end.

The fragment begins with frontman Oli Sykes growling the words “hardcore feelings”, and then the soundtrack to the instrumental accompaniment of a fan telling about what the band helped her go through in her life.

You can also hear lyrics that mention “thoughts [that] don’t make sense” and “suicidal tendencies.”

The band is currently touring the US and working on new music in a studio built into the back of their tour bus with producer Zakk Cervini (who also produced their latest release Post Human: Survival Horror 2020). The video, the fourth installment of their tour diary series, includes footage of Lee Malia recording guitar parts and Sykes giving him tips on how he should play.

You can watch the full clip below:

This is not the first piece of new music that the rockers from Sheffield have shared from their touring sessions. A couple of weeks ago, another tour diary had a teaser of a song inspired by My Chemical Romance, where Sykes suggested: “Let’s do it Gerard-style.”

Last week, it was announced that Bring Me The Horizon will headline the Download Festival for the first time next year as part of a large-scale four-day festival dedicated to its 20th anniversary.

“We’ve been talking for some time about them becoming headliners,” Download bookmaker Andy Copping told NME. “But it never felt right. The band has always been striving for this, and there have been some heated discussions about it over the years, but I always wanted them to be the headliners when it was absolutely right.”

Slipknot will also be headlining, and Metallica will play two unique sets at Donington Park this weekend.


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