Brilliant Hunter Drops Pokemon Crystal over 1400 times to Get Totodile


Back in 1999, Pokemon Gold and Silver appeared on store shelves around the world. This was the first direct sequel to Pokemon Red and Blue, which introduced a completely new region to the world, eight new gym leaders to fight, and 100 new Pokemon that players can catch. Two years later, Pokemon Crystal appeared on store shelves and was actually the same game as Pokemon Gold and Silver, but with some improvements, including a new attack animation and visual improvements. It was also the generation that presented the franchise with a brilliant version of Pokemon.

From a technical point of view, there is no difference between the shiny Pokemon version and the regular version. They are neither stronger nor weaker than the non-shining versions, and the only major difference between them is what the creatures look like. However, they are rarely found in games, which makes their search and capture a sport for any dedicated Pokemon player. This was considered incredibly successful, for example, when one Pokemon Legends: Arceus player discovered two brilliant piplaps during a massive outbreak. However, one player decided to return to Pokemon Crystal for a special shine.

Of the three starters in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, Totodile is often called the most popular in its generation. In a recent post on TikTok, a user under the nickname youroldpaljosh told how hard they tried to get a brilliant version of Pokemon. In the video he posted, it turned out that he restarted Pokemon Crystal more than 1400 times to get a brilliant version of the Totodile. However, the video itself only showed his last few attempts.

Since the brilliant Pokemon were introduced, collecting them has become a popular sport among more dedicated fans. For example, one player managed to catch brilliant versions of all 151 original Pokemon in a day. Other fans even took to the Internet to imagine what the next-generation starters would look like in the form of shiny versions. While alternative versions of these Pokemon may not have any bonuses to statistics, such fans show that an alternative species is more than enough reason to spend extra time playing games to find them.

In the second generation Pokemon games, the three starting players were Grass-type Chicorita, fire-type Sindaquil and water-type Totodile. At the beginning of the game, the player’s character chooses one of these three, before the opponent, Silver, chooses a Pokemon of the opposite, stronger type. As mentioned above, Totodile is often cited as the most popular of these starters, and fans continue to create tributes to the adorable creature. One fan, for example, drew a stunning drawing of Totodile with colored pencils. However, in the case of youroldpaljosh, he sought to get an alternative version of the cult monster, even if it took more than 1400 attempts.


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