Bright Memory: 8 euros that must be in your Xbox Series X


A showy, fluid and intense bet from a single developer to welcome the new generation. Xbox Series X arrives in Spain on November 10, and there are many names on the table to launch the console: Yakuza Like a Dragon, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, NBA 2K21 or Destiny 2: Beyond de la Luz … But there is one that, for what it costs, should not be missing.

This is Bright Memory, a gritty, ephemeral first-person action game that lasts less than an hour on its first lap and in less than three hours, after three laps and all the achievements, it is finished. But that is pure arcade essence. Play, improve score, and start over. For the 8 euros it costs, Xbox Series X and Series S must be accompanied by the cheapest premiere game of the new consoles. It is worth what it costs. For something, it has 91% positive reviews on Steam.

It is difficult to assess a title that is presented as a demonstration of what Bright Memory: Infinite can be in the future. What exactly is the game, in fact? Basically, an episode that doesn’t make much sense on its own when you play it, starring Sheila in 2020. We started by storming a kind of futuristic office to, after seeing a supposed character our heroine knows, end up in a thousand-year medieval world back amidst beasts and enemies of all kinds. We fired left and right with the submachine gun, the shotgun and the pistol. Then we take out a sword and cut ourselves on all sides, while in the process we use special powers to stop time, raise enemies or create a zone of damage per second for a limited time. A couple of scripts here, a boss out of Dark Souls there, and a great final enemy to cover up.

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The duration of Brigth Memory is totally related to its intensity and its rhythm. There is no time to rest, and the video scenes, hardly without context, serve only as a transition between one moment and another of action. It will not go down in history for being the best FPS of 2020, nor for revolutionizing the genre. But it is impossible for you to buy Bright Memory, finish the first round and not try another right after. It’s intense, it’s fun, it’s addictive.

Especially since the control system and its response work perfectly. The mix of melee attacks with swordsmanship and special attacks, along with firefights, responds precisely from the first moment. And when we’ve been around for a while we just think about doing more combos and crushing enemies without being touched while uploading a combo system like Devil May Cry: SSS! All while gaining experience and unlocking new abilities and new attacks to keep pounding monsters.


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