Brie Larson is set for a role in an Animal Crossing tape


Brie Larson says the Animal Crossing series has always been important to her, so she’s naturally willing to play a role in an Animal Crossing movie, assuming such a movie is ever made.

Larson considered the idea of ​​being in a possible Animal Crossing movie during an interview with People where he talked about his experiences with Animal Crossing and how long the franchise has been a part of his life.

Like almost any other Animal Crossing fan, he has also been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the past week or so after anticipating his official release date.

“Of course. I support Animal Crossing all the time, from start to finish, ”he said when asked about the idea of ​​being in an Animal Crossing movie. “I think it is good for our hearts.”

Animal Crossing isn’t the only video game movie I’d be ready for. Years ago, she expressed interest in being in a Metroid movie as Samus Aran after dressing up as the Halloween character.